Yoga Teacher Training

Begins September 11th 2018!

September 11th – December 20th

Tuesdays + Thursdays at Afterglow Yoga
Fri – 11/2 from 5:30p-9:30p at Afterglow Yoga in Amityville
Sat – 11/3 from 10a-6p at Just Breathe in Sayville
Sun – 12/1 from 10a-6p at Just Breathe in Sayville

Click here to download the entire schedule.

Print and fill out the following application form. When you’re done just drop it off at the front desk.

Application Form

We are proud to host the Always-At-Aum Yoga School 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) led by Robin Appel! The most comprehensive yoga training on Long Island – become a part of a large yoga family of fellow graduate Aummies who uplift and inspire each other.

Highlights of the training:

  • FREE YOGA. Once you secure your spot, you can take advantage of 48 FREE yoga classes at Afterglow Yoga. Once you graduate, you’ll receive discounted class rates.
  • FLEXIBILITY. 2 days a week, in the evenings. Keep your weekends! Our evening training schedule lines up with the training schedule at Just Breathe in Sayville. If you need to miss a class, you literally make it up the same week. Otherwise, you can make it up anytime it’s offered or work with us privately.
  • MENTORSHIP. We will always be there to support and guide you along your path.
  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This training will transform your yoga practice and life in ways you will have to experience to believe.
  • FIND YOUR COMMUNITY. Develop life long friendships and connections with like minded people.

You don’t need to be a perfect yogi to take this training. You don’t need to know every pose. You don’t even need to want to be a teacher! This training will give you the tools to become the yogi/teacher YOU are. You are special and unique and deserve to share that with the world.

Start your journey.